We offer our unique interest free terms on all our fine hats over 3 years

Rain will not ruin your silk top hat – this is what you do; using your velvet "mouse" thoroughly wipe around the hat anti clockwise both body and crown and the top of the brim.
If you don’t have a ‘mouse’ a silk handkerchief or one of your wife’s fine silk scarves will do

Royal Ascot the correct way
Here is a way to politely correct anyone inexperienced in Ascot form who doesn’t know to pronounce the word.

Pretty well all the Television presenters should find this a boon as they sure don’t know
My Grandmother straightened me out aged four by telling me this joke which goes:
A magnificently frocked, hatted and parasol bearing lady was just about to board the Ascot train at Waterloo when she was jostled off the platform and landed on her derriere
Old fashioned porters descended onto the line to her aid; one politely enquired her destination - ‘ Ascutt Madam?’ - ‘No I fancy not – but I expect it’ll be badly bruised’ was her dignified response.
This an amusing way in which one can correct in a memorable and repeatable way - saving any offence or embarrassment

19th September 2010.  Many people consider Damon Albarn both clever and significant (or both significant and clever)
 Take a look at him in his Top Hat on the cover of today's Times Culture Magazine

Matt Smith will be wearing one of our Top Hats on Dr Who - showing on Christmas Day at 6:00pm.

We have just supplied a fine old black silk top hat for Matt Smith, the current Doctor Who in the new series now being filmed in Cardiff.

Sweet Charity - Tamsin Outhwaite sits on and 'breaks' one of our vintage Opera Hats nightly in her role as Charity Hope Valentine at The Haymarket Theatre - with no damage done, and will be taking them on her tour of North America in the New Year.

Find her and see her, and the hat, on YouTube!

Our latest creation to gain prime time television coverage was a Champagne Silk Top Hat, which was provided by Hetherington Hats at the request of Mel C of the Spice Girls. The hat was created as a one -off special for Mel C's performance with the rest of the Spice Girls on the top rated prime time Strictly Come Dancing's Grand Finale show which was screened on 21st December, 2007. We made the hat in a week!

Did you see Matt Dawson's wonderful top hat on the B.B.C's Royal Ascot coverage with Claire Balding. It was one of the finest, one of our finest.

We have a refurbishment service second to none.

Should it be something minor, or perhaps your initials in gilt capitals to the hat band, or what we call a 'full house', which covers everything.

Come and see us 'the earlier the better'.

We will also do a comprehensive insurance valuation of your hat for your broker

Hetherington Hats are prepared to sell our fine silk Top Hats on an extended payment plan over eighteen months.

The Hetherington Hats 'Mouse' our specially made purple velvet pad to keep up the shine and condition of your treasured black silk topper.

Standard 6"x4"

de Luxe 7"x 3 1/2"

Makes a super present for the gentleman who has everything.

Standard 30 inc: p & p de Luxe 40 inc: p & p.
Special colours 10 extra

Black silk and glamorous old grey top hats and bowler hats are available for photographic and film shoots of any duration.

Westlife Tour of The Southern Hemisphere

Hetherington Hats were delighted to supply Kian, Mark, Nicky and Shane with their handsome Top Hats.

They look 'the business'.

'The Bowler Hat'

Didn't Prince Harry look cool in his.

There's nothing like a well fitting Bowler to make you look 'the business' and that's our business!

We fit them to the head exactly.

A fine Bowler costs much less than you imagine and will have your initials in gilt embossed on the leather band.

We are developing our leather bound book business,
please e-mail us, any quantities of leather bound books available

Please contact Hetherington Hats by telephone on +44 (0)20 7730 2948 or email on [email protected]